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Our mission

Help health professionals to restore hope and saves lives by facilitating the analysis of drugs through new technologies anytime and anywhere.


what about us ?

TrueSpec-Africa, is the Company that developed TrueSpec, a portable device that uses artificial intelligence to allow hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical laboratories and quality control centers to determine whether or not a drug is genuine in less than 20 seconds anytime and anywhere in the world.

Why we do it

Around the world, millions people are exposed to high risk of illness or death from taking poor- quality medication used to prevent or treat most of tropical diseases. Existing drug’s testing devices are offered at a high price and not affordable in low and middle income countries.

Our Goal

Our goal is to protect people through improving the ability of national drug regulators to secure the drug supply chain. We do this by providing our platform as a service tool to drug regulators for their use in real time for drug quality checking, monitoring and reporting, all in the hope of reducing mortality due to fake drugs in Africa and in the world.

Team members

The team behind this idea


Chief Executive Officer

Pascal NOEL

Chief Operating Officer

Dr Christelle WAFFO

Chief Technical Officer

Dr Ebenezer TETSI

Director R & D


Head of informatics

Become a TrueSpec Ambassador

TrueSpec-Africa through its Ambassador portal, gives the opportunity to everyone to have a say by telling or denouncing an experienced event and thus participate in this fight because, falsified drugs is a problem that concerns the whole world.

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