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The Speakers

Dr. Deogratias Mzurikwao

AI Sector Lead at VilligroAfrica , Kenya

Deogratias has received his Ph.D. from the University of Kent (UK) on the Applications of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare in 2020. He previously did his master's in AI at Tianjin University, in China. Deogratias has been researching and practicing machine learning, deep learning, image and voice signal processing (with super resolution techniques) which are the core elements of Artificial Intelligence, since 2012. During his time in China, he also worked for GTA, a big data analytic company based in Shenzhen, China. The company recruited him while he was still doing his master’s degree. While in China, Deogratias and his friend, formed a team that became second runners in the international innovation competition for automation and UAV in 2014. In 2019, he was among the 15 AI researchers who received the IEEE Outstanding Young Investigator Research Visit award to Sapienza University, Italy. His research interests are in the application of deep learning, machine learning, data analysis, super

Resolutions and explainable AI systems, virtual and augmented reality. He has published several papers in peer-reviewed journals including Nature and IEEE. Some of his published work has featured in global media houses including Forbes and the BBC. Deogratias has conducted AI based consultation works for the UNDP, UNICEF and the Tanzania ministry of health. Recently, Deogratias has received a grant from Google to develop an AI based screening tool for breast cancer, leading a team at MUHAS with a grant from the NIH to develop an AI based screening tool for cervical cancer and another grant from the Lacuna fund to develop machine learning ready dataset for predictions of Rabies outbreak. For the past 2 years, Dr Deogratias has been working for Villgro Africa, to support AI innovations in Africa.