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The Speakers

H.E. Minette Libom Li Likeng

Minister, Post and Telecommunication, Cameroon

She was able to spearhead the drafting of the 2020 Digital Plan, which serves as a Government Compass to give concrete effects to the Vision of the Head of State, H.E. Paul BIYA, who instructed a mobilisation of all stakeholders to help Cameroon make the most of digital economy. Senior Customs Inspector by training, she spent her entire career in the Ministry of Finance where she occupied several positions, among which that of Managing Director of Customs for 8 years. In this office, she worked for the modernisation of the Cameroon Customs, in this capacity; she set up an assessment system for custom personnel as well as a system to fight bad practices, through “Performance Contracts” signed with customs officials on the one hand and economic operators on the other hand. The steady increase in custom revenue observed in the recent years is partly justified by this managerial mechanism. In her capacity as the Minister in charge of the development of the ICT sector, Mrs Minette LIBOM is at the front line battle, and is working to implement the Presidential Vision of bridging Cameroon’s backlog in the field of digital economy.