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The Speakers

Dr.Ngwashi Christabel

Founder of MT-JAM Health

Dr. Ngwashi Christabel is a medical doctor with over three years’ experience providing healthcare in one of the conflict-affected areas in Cameroon with a particular focus on Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive, and Child Health (MARCH) care. Using mobile technology and strategic partnerships, she bridged access to antenatal care and increased adherence to ARVs using mobile reminders. She is also the founder of MT-JAM Health, the leading English speaking digital health communication agency in Cameroon. She is a holder of MSc International Health and Tropical Medicine from the University of Oxford, and her thesis was focused on the evaluation of the impact of digital health information management systems on performance of health facilities in Kenya.

She currently sits on the advisory board for AstraZeneca’s Young health Programme and is part of the World Bank’s Youth transforming Africa network. Christabel is on a mission to strengthen health systems in low- and middle-income countries to function at the intersection of sustainable financing, digital innovation and prioritization of preventive, community and patient centered care.